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Axle with Brake 420*180
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Product: Views:409Axle with Brake 420*180 
Unit price: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2019-05-29 23:03

TYEN Group supplies axle, suspension, leaf spring, brake drum, hub, etc, for truck, trailer and semi-trailer.

1.Round or square axle beam are available.

2.Customized track,camshaft length are acceptable.

3.Axles with ABS are optional. 

4.Manual slack adjuster or auto slack adjuster are available.

1) We use best seamless steel tube in China, with excellent welding performance, the material is 20Mn2.
2) The brake drum is with 150,000km warranty,
3) As for the hub,it is made of QT560 material, which is better than QT450.
4) The brake lining is with 60,000 km warranty.
5) Material of wheel bolts is 35CrMo, 10.9 high strength grade,with good heat treatment.
6) We select the best two brands of bearing in China: ZWZ or LYC.
7) World-famous Mobil grease

1.It’s so nice that I chose Tyen. They are very professional and experienced. Our customers are satisfied with the brake drums, so do I! It seems more durable although it’s a bit expensive than other suppliers.

2.I found some damage of the goods when it arrived. Actually I have no idea that it is caused by transportation or not. And I told the seller and they did provide good after-sale service! 

3.It’s the fourth years with your company. For a time I also changed the supplier, but considering the price and product quality, I finally come back to you. We had laughter,joy,argument but it’s more important we trust each other.

4.Before I didn’t buy from China, coz I thought most products made in China are of poor quality. Therefore first I tried a small order. I received the products, the quality has exceeded all my expectation. I  believe next month we will start the new orders.

5.My friend Alex highly recommend your company. That’s why that I cooperate with you. The axles are of good quality, you didn’t disappoint me. Thank you!

1.Q: What’s your MOQ?

A: MOQ 10 pieces of axles

2.Q: How long is the delivery time?

A: Generally 20-30 days after receiving deposit.

3.Q: How about the payment terms?

A: The most popular payment terms are T/T,L/C.

4.Q: What is the shipment way?

A: By sea,by railway or by express,for our products by sea is the most economical way.

5.Q: Can you send me price as soon as possible? It is urgently!

A: In order to calculate the accurate price we will be appreciated if you could provide the technical drawing or OEM No.Or you can also send us samples in order to confirm details.

6.Q: Why is your price more expensive than other suppliers ?

A: Our quality is different from other axle supplier. Different parts will influence the price. Therefore, with such high quality spare parts,our price is competitive.

Brake Lining

They are often also called brake pads, and are a critical component of braking systems as they are the material which comes into contact with the rotors in order to slow them down without wearing them out too quickly.

Brake lining material is attached to metal backing, such as a brake shoe, usually with heat-resistant rivets or joints. The lining comes into contact with the rotors creating enough friction to slow them down. The brake lining protects the rotors from coming into direct contact with the metal backing. This prevents them from wearing out quickly and needing frequent replacing.

Linings made from harder brake materials can cause accelerated wear and tear on the rotors or drums, and therefore it is important to check the quality and the suitability of the material with relation to the specifics of the system. Braking linings are used in the braking systems in machines, vehicles, appliances and elevators and thus can range from large heavy duty materials to lighter, softer linings.

As the kinetic energy of the braking process is turned into heat energy, the material used for brake lining purposes usually has a high coefficient of friction. Asbestos used to be the element most commonly used for brake linings, but the dust created by asbestos is harmful when inhaled, therefore, alternatives have been developed, such as aramid fibers which are now commonly used in braking components. Brake linings, like brake bands and brake blocks, need to be made from durable materials which are able to endure high levels of heat and pressure. The friction created is an essential element of the braking process and allows machinery and engines to speed up and slow down relatively quickly.

Brake linings will need to be replaced periodically as the material will inevitably be affected by wear and tear over time. Often the brakes will squeak or become less smooth as the lining wears out, this is important to pay attention to as worn out brake linings can cause greater, and more expensive, engine damage. In systems with multiple brake linings, it is important to replace or repair the corresponding linings at the same time. This is necessary to help achieve even and consistent braking within the system.

When Should You Replace Brake Lines?  

Brake lines are a commonly overlooked item when performing brake repair. There are several reasons to replace them and these reasons are; maintenance, breakage and collapse. This article will outline these three reasons for replacement and what to look for when determining whether to replace them or not.

Replacement due to maintenance is the most overlooked reason. When it comes to vehicle maintenance, most people do not think of brake lines. Old brake lines can, over time, cause major brake issues. Rust is one large reason o replace the metal brake lines of your vehicle. Rust contaminates the fluid and can cause tearing of rubber seals in the brake master cylinder or in the calipers. On rubber hoses, the rubber slowly begins to deteriorate due to moisture and heat. This deterioration can cause brake failure from breaking or collapsing. Rubber hoses also come apart internally, contaminating the fluid with small rubber particles. Though maintenance is usually overlooked, you know what to look for when deciding to replace brake lines before hey break.

When your vehicles brake lines completely break it can be a very scary situation. Once a line breaks, there is no more pressure in the brake system which can cause the brakes to completely fail. Any time you do any sort of brake repair, you want to inspect all of the rubber hoses for small pin holes or large crack which are signs that they are close to breaking. If you see this, replace the hoses along with the other repair. It is also beneficial to take a look at the hard metal line as well. These lines can get small holes as well. They are more difficult and pricey to replace, but it is worth it considering the headaches it can cause in the long run.

The last reason for replacing brake lines on your vehicle is due to collapse. Brake lines collapse for several reasons. Typically, metal lines collapse from impact and rubber lines collapse due to age. When a line collapses, it can cause several symptoms. The most common symptom is a pulling condition upon braking. It is relatively difficult to diagnose a collapsed rubber line because you cannot physically see the inside of the line. The rule of thumb is usually if the vehicle pulls to one side while braking and the caliper shows no damage, then replacement of the brake hose is required. Metal lines are easier to diagnose because you can physically see the damage in the line. In either case, it is very important to fix the problem to prevent any braking problems from occurring.

Now that you have a basic idea as to when brake line replacement is required, you can now perform that brake repair properly. One good rule to follow is that proper maintenance can help keep away expensive repairs in the long run. This rule holds true with brake lines as well.